Back from the USA – and no time to rest!

January 7, 2016

Well, I didn’t really have time to recover from this awesome trip to the USA but it was totally worth it!

So, on December 7th, my good friend and fantastic composer Nigel Clarke and myself left for quite an exhausting, but utterly interesting, trip to the North of the United States.

I’ll spare you the details (especially of the less musical activities) to just sum up a few highlights:


First stop was University of Wisconsin-River Falls where we had the pleasure to work with the students from the musical department led by the amazing Dr Kristin Tjornehoj – hereby again a very big thank you to her! – teaching and giving masterclasses to a group of promising students.

I also had the opportunity to give a recital with the American Premiere of Fortune’s Fool and Fall from Grace (both by Stan Nieuwenhuis), also performing Ernest Tomlinson’s Cornet Concerto and, not to forget, Nigel’s stunning Premonitions and Where A Scarlet Flower Will Blossom. Impossible to play this without the great accompaniment by the incredible pianist Ivan Konev – here again: thank you!

Next stop: Minnesota.

We went there in May 2015 and where asked to come back – must have done something right, then!

I performed Nigel’s absolutely magnificent cornet concerto Mysteries of the Horizon with the Grand Symphonic Winds Orchestra under the baton of the highly respected Dr Matthew George. Apparently, this time wasn’t so bad either as I’ve been asked to come back yet again and perform this piece in February! Already looking forward to it!


To finish, we had a quick flight over to Chicago to meet up with fellow musicians at the Midwest Clinic – the world’s largest instrumental music education conference (see Midwest Clinic Chicago). I was really delighted to meet great musicians (some big names like Wycliffe Gordon, Arturo Sandoval, Ryan Anthony, just to name a few) and have a drink or two with good friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Well, I gotta stop now because you’ll never want to read the whole thing ‘til the end, won’t you?

To quickly sum up: it was (again) a wonderful experience!

No time to rest: Paris next!

But as I told you in the beginning of this never-ending story: I didn’t really have time to recover!

I spent New Year’s festivities in Barcelona with my wife (well, that’s kind of my own fault) and am now on my way to Paris, France, to perform with the Paris Opera Orchestra at the Bastille (we’re going to perform Jules Massenet’s Werther) during one month.

Aaand then back to the USA again!