"Harmen Vanhoorne is the blueprint of the modern 21st century cornet soloist made flesh and blood, the next generation protean performer in excelsis"


"Heralding a new era of cornet playing’, so said Roger Webster. I can only agree with him. This CD is a must have for all the cornet players willing to play and listen to new and young compositions."

-Brass Info


"Vanhoorne emerges as a magnificent soloist, thrilling in his florid, gymnastic runs and in the mini-cadenza prior to the movement’s conclusion" "it’s powerfully translated by Vanhoorne and reinforces Clarke’s reputation as a composer who is led by the image"  "After a brief, rapid declamation, Vanhoorne conveys Clarke’s flight-of-the-bumblebee-edge-of-the-seat solo writing with exemplary clarity against an ever-shifting collage of brass band texture."

-Music Web International

"serving as a dauntingly stamina-sapping vehicle for the talents of Harmen Vanhoorne, the soloist responds in stunning fashion, displaying a range of dynamics and tonal variation that is  hair rising in its sheer commitment, breathtaking virtuosity and drama. The work sits as a surrealist inspired tour de force that plays magnificent and deeply personally to Vanhoorne’s outstanding talents"

-Brass Band World


"Exit Brass! deliver an enjoyable hour of high quality music that amply demonstrated their individual as well as collective excellence"


"That’s some trick to pull off – but Exit Brass! seems to be a group that certainly has a touch of magic."

-Malcolm Wood


8th place, top 100 Belgium

-Itunes November 2017